Friday, 8 October 2010

Calthorpe Project

As part of our project at The People's Supermarket we are photographing the suppliers, who vary from huge warehouses to individuals who grow herbs in their garden.

Last Friday and today we visited the Calthorpe Project who supply the supermarket with salad bags. These 'suppliers' are a group of mainly South American volunteers who look after the salad garden and pick beautiful salads, herbs and edible flowers, bag them and take them to the Supermarket to be sold.
I have never seen such care been taken over salad before, the bags looked so beautiful that it's almost a shame to eat it!

Hel Yes!

Last Friday we went to Hel Yes! in London - It is (or was) a pop up Finnish restaurant in Islington. We had a delicious meal - our mains were neck of lamb and forest mushrooms with a poached egg..
The restaurant was in an old warehouse with the kitchen in the centre so you could see the chefs at work, tables were specifically designed and the tablewear was a combination of different Finnish design - it was well worth a visit.


Two weeks ago I went to the butchers to get some deer loin and the butcher gave me the skin, thought that it could work as a photograph, plus I knew that Max would never forgive me if I told him and had not brought it back...

ASA Collective

Last night our work from China was featured at the ASA Collective at Cafe B in Limehouse along with:

Anne Holmes - Color me Night
Atul Loke - The Great Imitator
Helga Steppan - My World
Kramer O'Neill - Till Human Voices Wake Us
Leonora Chan - Theatres
Liz & Max Haarala Hamilton - Modern China
Raoul Gatepin - Piramid
Srinivas Kuruganti - Orissa
Sohrab Hura - Pati
Teru Kuwayama - Afghanistan

It was a really good event - the next one is on the 4th of November.